Challenge Maurice Bugnon le 28 Octobre au CVE

Venez régater devant Evian pour le challenge Maurice Bugnon le 28 Octobre. Régate cotière d'une journée...

Bulletin d'inscription

35 Euro par bateau


Résultat bol d'Or 2017

Pour cette édition 2017 les bateaux du Club de Voile d'Evian font un très beau score!

343 à l'arrivée, classé en temps compensé


Welcome to the Sailing Club of Evian les Bains

Our values:

Place of meeting and exchange, sharing and conviviality. A nautical atmosphere and pure family young and old. 

Dynamic, professional, passionate!

Safety, fair play and respect for the environment.


Our commitments:

Graduate supervision.

Navigation area monitored.

Material maintained.

Life jackets and suits provided.

 Dare to sail!

Sport through the game...

Tame the water and the wind!

Strategic and tactical.

Physically and technically.

Collectively and individually.


A club we love!

For its atmosphere!

For its races!

For its activities!


Unique in Evian:

Each season has its formulas.

Individually or with friends.

Sailing at the school, college or high school.

Corporate Challenge.

Team club, sport school.

Turnkey groups training.

Internships sails sensation, performance or exploration...

Rentals and lessons.

Evening classes for adults.

Courses for teens on Saturday after noon.

Yacht races every Friday evening followed by a small aperitif, barbecue provisionned by the club  (you have a boat or not, come sail!).


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